Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lottie Loves Cake

My young friend, the magical and creative Lottie, gave me a list of words to write into a poem. Her words are the colours of the rainbow and this poem is for her...


Lottie loves cake.
She loves it so much that she eats it all day long.
For breakfast she eats Moon Cake,
silver and round and full of the wonders of her dreams.
For lunch she eats Sky Cake,
big and wide as the clear blue sky,
with puffy clouds of icing on top
and a bird or two for decoration.
For dinner she eats Jungle Cake,
a very exciting cake,
covered with great leafy plants and bright pink flowers.
It is also a very noisy cake
with tigers growling and parrots squawking.

When her friend, Matilda, comes over for tea,
they play the viola and sing songs about cake
such as "every cloud has some silver icing"
and "there was an old woman who lived in a scone".
They eat Rose Cake together and paint their nails the colour of Roses.
Sometimes, they magic the cake into a real rose.
Then Felix, the dog, runs around in circles 
trying to catch the rose with his nose, it smells so good.
Barack, the cat, sits like an emperor, 
calm and majestic, and sips milk from a golden bowl.
Lottie asks her brother, Louis, if he would like a piece of Rose Cake
but he prefers to run around chasing Felix
and, anyway, Louis loves ice cream.

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