Wednesday, 8 April 2015

dream of the daisies

crowding together
climbing together
piling on top 
on top of each other
to get to the sun
to get to the sun
yellow hearts
soft and furry
singing singing
we want to come close to you!
huddling together
white petals flapping
hearts sturdy and strong
climbing climbing
always striving
covering the grass
dreaming of the day 
of reaching the sky
making a chain
leading right to the sun
oldest friend
oldest friend
we want to come close to you!
huddling climbing
dreaming reaching
hearts sturdy and strong
until one day 
eating eating 
the big yellow sponge cake
the sun has been baking
all these years
up up up
inside the blue.

This poem came out of today's wonderful, spring-inspired workshop with Nichola Charalambou of Creative Writes. The writing was prompted by a photo of daisies on a sunny day...

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