Saturday, 25 April 2015

Junk Folder

We need your help.
We look forward to hearing from you.
We understand it may be frustrating.

This is not a dating proposition.
This offer is not retroactive.
This address is not monitored.

Our company wants to congratulate you.
Our company is very interested in your fruit juice.
Our company wants to know more about it.

Please see attachment.
Please order RayBan sunglasses at 90% off.
Please do not reply.

We hope you are doing well.
We want to work with you.
We just need a little more information.

There are women within 13 miles of your location.
There is 720,000 US dollars waiting for you.
There are issues with your account.

Contact Mr Larry Moore to collect your prize.
Contact Mr Lee Jack in Chengdu.
Contact us by clicking on the link.

Your prize is waiting to be collected.
Your fruit juice is highly appreciated.
Your account has been limited.

We want to know more about your fruit juice.
We want to work with you.
We need your help.

Do not miss this opportunity.
Do not worry.
Do not delay.

Today's prompt from The Poetry School/Mslexia: Go into your email spam or junk folder and find an interesting communication to convert into poetry. What is the narrative behind the million dollar bank transfer promise? Who are the hot singles in your area, really? What will that fake degree qualify you for? 

I collected phrases and words from the various emails in my junk folder and combined them to form a poem. I focused on creating a generic junk-mail experience with its bizarre combination of the problem you didn't know you had and the promise you didn't know was yours.

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