Friday, 24 April 2015

Gypsy Wine

Life can be hard. 
We know that more than most.
We live with this
like we live with everything –
You are waiting 
for your troubles to be over
before you dance,
play music and sing.
You have forgotten
the dance is inside.
It's not about how 
you move your feet.
But don't worry.
You can stop 
and find what you need 
right here by the road. 
Even this road
that seems like the wrong one.

There is a bottle of wine
in your hand. It says:
I am the one they drink 
at all the celebrations.
I get up and dance 
no matter what. I am 
that crazy love that dances 
on the tables, I am 
those drunken Cossacks 
at the bar, that spinning 
wild beauty. I am
joy and sorrow 
and a heart bursting
and the violin playing so fast
I have forgotten 
my own name. I am 
what you have been missing. 
I am your own wild heart.

Let's open the bottle.
Let's drink the one we were saving
for the special occasion.
There is no tomorrow.
There is only now.
But we aren't going to give it away.
When you retrieve something 
you have forgotten,
when you purchase something 
you were careless enough to lose,
it is expensive.
There is a price for being alive,
for creating a spark 
in the vast darkness.

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