Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Zamoran Wedding Custom

There is a region called "Land of the Longing" 
located in the province of Zamora 
where the bride at a wedding must consume 21 longings: 

Longing with salt. 
Offered to the guests 
to represent hospitality. 

Fried longing.
Coated in crumbs 
to prevent sticking.

Longing pudding.  
A bit boring, if you ask me. 
No special spices or sweetenings.

Longing stuffing. 
Designed to fill cavities or retain juices 
that otherwise might drip away. 

(Whenever you are faced with life’s empty spaces, 
simply cram with longing stuffing 
for an instant feeling of potential satisfaction.)

French longing. 
Usually found in Paris, 
or in people who want to go to Paris.

The long loaf of longing.
It used to be you could only find this in Paris
but it can now be found at most supermarkets.

Symbolic longing.
Among the most popular varieties in the world. 
Believed to contain the mysteries of life and death.

Commercial longing.
Contains additives, some of them non-nutritional. 
Found on TV, the internet, bus stops and magazines.

Mass-produced longing.  
Often criticised for its poor nutritional value 
and bland taste. Available sliced or unsliced.

The miracle longing. 
Usually brought about by saviours and prophets 
on your behalf.

Soft longing.  
For duvets, pillows, and sheepskin rugs, 
sofas, beanbags, and other comfy places.

Crusty longing.
You have held on to this one for too many years. 
To get to the good stuff you'll have to break your jaw.

Fresh longing.  
Always seems the most possible, 
particularly in the morning.

Wonder longing. 
No childhood would be complete 
without wonder longing.

Balloon longing.
The type that pulls you high into the sky, 
but once you are up there, you can’t let go. Ever.

Sandwich longing. 
At least three different varieties
squished together.

Artisanal longing. 
The rustic variety: walks through the woods, 
picnic hampers, a roll in the hay.

Sweet longing.
Eaten in the evenings with warm drinks 
like traditional cocoa.

Leavened longing.
Can be developed slowly over time,
but often filled with too much hot air.

Unleavened longing.
Tends to be flat but tasty.
Comes in handy when wandering through the desert.

Longing cake.
The stuff of birthdays: trimmings, candles, 
icing, silver balls, hundreds and thousands. 

A longing snack. 
For those who don’t want to commit 
to a heartier longing. 

Whatever might be left over 
is shared with the wedding guests, 
who are given bags filled with longing to take home.

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