Monday, 28 April 2014

Double Date

When you avert my gaze
it seems as though you are shy,
as though I’m some beautiful girl
who wouldn’t want to know you.
Perhaps you are
star gazing,
divining futures from the clouds,
the tops of trees,
cranes, kites.
We drink our coffee
and still
you do not look me in the eye. 
Instead you gaze at the space around my head
as if I exist there beside myself,
another me 
to whom you can address your comments, 
another me 
who will hear you better,
will answer you in some enigmatic way.
I grow jealous of her,
knowing that to look into
the dark of her eye
is to be stripped bare
and once seen like that
you can never be clothed again
no matter how many brightly coloured shirts you try. 

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