Thursday, 17 April 2014

breakfast after space travel

two eager astronauts 
we board our rocket
strap ourselves in
lap up the sky 
fast as we can

we explore the stars
from sargas to altair
play on lyras harp
hear orb music 
in the silence 
fly on the wing of apus
dizzy with constellations
meet other worlds
they show us 
how we are all dust
we love the taste of oxygen 
we dont need food
our minds grow wide 
fill with particles of light
bathe in ultraviolet
nebula dive 
deep and deep until 
our rocket shakes and smokes
rust metal bits threaten to fall 
we have our fixing kit 
try to fix 
the planet rings 
screw those rocket bits in place

we land on earth
we cant explain 
but i see in your eyes
we have seen 

we try to make a normal breakfast
what do people eat for breakfast?
what is normal?
two astronauts
sit together at a table
it sounds like
the start of a joke
it seems important to get this right
we sit for hours 
take in the scene
liquid fills the glass
is this milk whiter than the moon?
why do the flakes of bran
not float into the sky like asteroids?
any moment i expect the furniture to drift
gravity is strange
what keeps us sitting here?
i have to take my space suit off
gloved fingers 
cant hold 
so intricate 
an instrument
a spoon

you keep your space helmet on
the visor down
how will you eat?
i like the oxygen you say
its better than the stuff out there
but the world is out there
the table is out there
i am out there
how will i kiss you?

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  1. Celebration!!! But how will i kiss you, wonderful!