Wednesday, 30 April 2014

In Which The Poet Attempts To Say Goodbye To Poetry

When we part ways
the world will be
straightforward once again. 
A cup will be a cup. 
A shoe will be a shoe
not a soup ladle 
not a megaphone
not a submarine.
Mornings will not awaken 
as if they were creatures 
stirring after long sleep. 

Yesterday’s eye exam
should have been routine
but I saw the optician’s legs curl
round each other like snakes. 
I saw the back of my own retina 
as the cracked surface of a clay planet. 
This will not do. 
My eyeball is not a planet
for if it were then I would be
my own solar system
perhaps even a galaxy.
Just thinking about it
makes me dizzy.
When I am in your company
the whole world can shift in a moment. 
There is no solid ground.

When you and I part ways
the women will wear quite ordinary hats. 
Their heads will not sprout flowers, 
will not become bird nests. 
Trees will not grow arms or claws. 
I will be able to go 
for an ordinary stroll 
on an ordinary day 
in the ordinary woods. 
The green will just be green,
not a leprechaun’s shirt or dragon’s eye.

You were wonderful. 
You sang me songs 
when the train chugged out of the station. 
The tunnel was the night, 
was a route to the underworld, 
was the inside of my own mind. 
Now everything will go back to normal. 
I won’t cry. 
Only poems make me cry. 
They produce tears like jewels 
tumbling out of a treasure chest.

I am trying to say goodbye
but I can’t do it.
You see,
I think
I may 
in love,

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  1. a great departing poem and i too feel the same - can't say goodbye to poetry